Our Second Life Activities

Regular activities

Currently FF UP leads two seminars in SL. The first is called „Live in Second Life“ and its aim is to introduce students to the importance SL for today’s knowledge economy. The second is a research seminar, called „Virtual Work“ and within it are carried out research in the field of virtual management. In both seminars, students move around in many places in SL and perform a number of activities where virtual building serves as a faculty meeting point.


Seminar Live in Second Life

The goal of the course Live in Second Life is to introduce students to virtual world’s issues with focus on Second Life. Students are developing skills necessary to have for efficient working in virtual worlds and getting familiar with new progress in ICT and virtual worlds. The students create avatars their digital representatives in Second Life and track their experiences within e-portfolio Mahara. During the course students are going through activities such a networking, object creating or testing skills in foreign language in Second Life. Students are required to present a paper about progress in ICT.


Seminar Virtual Work

Virtual Work is a research seminar aimed at preparing students for working on virtual teams or leading such virtual teams. The students represent at the same time a research sample for the organizers of the course. The research topics are for example establishing trust in a virtual environment, team dynamics of virtual teams, creating virtual identity, analysis of behavior in a virtual environment based on the gender of the users, analysis of SL as an educational environment or endangering the users of SL with social techniques.

You can have a look into our seminars here:


Single activities

Department of Applied Economics, Palacky University in Olomouc, entered in SL in December 2008. Since then its activities in Second Life have been still developing. In 2009 and 2010, the workshops „Using Second Life for education and business“ were held in SL. These workshops were parts of the annual international scientific conferences „Knowledge for Market Use“.


Students also engaged Second Life environment in their diploma theses. At the Department of Applied Economics has been defended several thesis related to training, marketing, business opportunities in SL and SLOODLE. Thesis are publicly available on UPOL portal in the section Study – Theses, simply enter a keyword Second Life.